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20 Holiday Gifts That Aren’t Tie Dye (and 5 That Are)

20 Holiday Gifts That Aren’t Tie Dye (and 5 That Are)


20 Gifts That Aren’t Tie Dye (and 5 That Are)

I’ll admit it, I love a Gift Guide. In fact, in my old life as a freelance writer I spent many a Fall compiling the Miami Herald Magazine’s annual Gift Guide, and it was my favorite assignment of the year. I would get to interview Miami’s movers and shakers about what was on their list (shopping or wish), call in product and images, cull down lists to the best four-or-five picks… and usually come away from the hours of work with more than a few inspirational ideas.


Now I find myself on the other side of the coin, pitching my own gift ideas to writers and editors across the country. But then I realized… why should they have all the fun? So, in case you need one more voice in your holiday head, here are 25 of my favorite gifts (all of which I’ve gifted or been given), including five of my own.

1. L&LD Workout Towel. An under $30 find for the Peloton/Treadmill/Golf/Cycling lover in your life. Who doesn’t want to sweat in color? $25,
2. DASH Rapid Egg Cooker If you know someone who eats eggs on a regular basis this is a must. My father, brother and husband all own it and I’ve inspired countless others to add it to their list. Bonus: it plays a song when your eggs are ready. $16.99,
3. Y2K Phone Chain. Yeah, it’s cute, but it’s also super practical, lifesaving for those who tend to drop their phones and can work for anyone aged 15-70. Plus, you get to support an amazing young entrepreneur. $15,
4. Apple Watch. As a creative I’ve always been a Mac person, but it took me a bit to jump on the Apple Watch train. Now that I’ve had one for a little while I must admit… I’m hooked. From tracking my workouts to getting texts and IG messages it’s truly helped me be less of a slave to my phone (and I can’t help loving all the cute options for changing the watch face). Full disclosure, I also use the “ping my phone” feature at least twice a day. $399,
5. Terrain Plants + Flowers I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom flip out about a gift like she did when I sent her something from Terrain. While her cherry blossom branches were a seasonal item, they have a revolving roster of the most insane living gifts for just about anyone. I’m partial to this fresh grass bunch and this showstopping Amaranth bouquet, you can’t help but smile at this bunch of tiny pineapple stems. $64-$118,
6. Goldbelly Goodies While we’re on the subject of gifts you can send, Goldbelly is ALWAYS at the top of my list when I need a unique gift. I’ve sent my Dad banana pudding from Magnolia, my nephews a full case of ice creams, giant Rice Krispies to a business partner and rainbow brownies to my daughter’s best friend. A few of my Miami favorites are even on the site: Wynwood Parlor, Azucar and Fireman Derek’s.

7. Olive & June Mani System. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about O&J by this point, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth the hype. I bought my daughters the Mani System a few years ago and it’s still in heavy rotation with all three of us. I’d go for the Winter System, but all of the colors are truly great and super long lasting (and the cuticle serum is a game changer). Starting at $50.
8. L&LD Rainbow Spider Hoodie Spiders were what rekindled my passion for tie dye and they’re still my favorite thing on the site. They’re fun, classic and go with just about anything. $125
9. Skims It’s true. They’re that good. I live in my boyfriend tee and cotton rib boxer $26 - $42;
10. Tashka by Beatrice Gemstone Pajamas The cutest pajamas for your mom (mine has them!), sister, daughter or best friend. Ok... or yourself. $118 - $318;
11. Drybar The Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush If you have a teen (or tween) who blows their hair out on a regular basis this is a great higher-end gift. It’s less damaging on hair than some of the lower-priced options without getting into Dyson territory and it comes in a few styles depending on their hair needs. I bought it for my 14-year-old and it’s become her go-to tool. $120 (regularly $150); (Note: it’s also sold at Nordstrom and Sephora and sometimes comes in a cute set with other Drybar products!)

12. NEST Mini Votive Set I LOVE Nest candles so I’ve bought this and gifted it on multiple occasions. I also love the votive size for stashing around my house and the ability to try new scents without dropping $50 on a larger version. Plus- it’s sold just about everywhere and you can usually find a discount to keep it under $40. $39;
13. L&LD Spider Socks I ordered conservatively 20 different versions of socks before finding these and, though they’re not the cheapest, will never use anything else. They’re thick enough to be warm, soft enough to be cozy and take the dye color perfectly. $27.50;
14. Boucle Smile Cross Body I love everything from this super cute Etsy shop, but these take the cake. If you have anyone under 10 on your gift list I would snap this up immediately. $36;
15. Ali & Joe Smiley Stencil Set Another option for the kids on your list—this set is not only made by one of my favorite small businesses, it’s super cute and perfect to perk up any winter blues. $93;
16. Rag & Bone Men’s Tees My husband is a t-shirt guy, and while I support comfort, I also need him to step it up once in a while. These Rag & Bone tees are a perfect upgrade from his unform of Florida Gator/novelty tees and holiday is a perfect time to stock up while discounts abound! $56.25 (and prob on sale everywhere!);

17. Squatty Potty IYKYK (also, it’s an amazing white elephant or grab bag gift for under $25!) $24.99;
18. MELEDEN Air Purifier This was recommended to me by a friend when my daughter was suffering with allergies and now they live next to all of our beds. Aside from the purifying aspect, I swear the soft white noise it emits helps me sleep through the night. $31;
19. Kootek Cake Decorating Bundle Here’s an under $20 gift for the baker in your life. As a home baker I didn’t know what I was missing until I bought this kit to help make a birthday cake for a friend’s party. It’s a game changer. $17.00;
20. L&LD Ice Dye Crewneck in Black/Gray I don’t want to brag, but I genuinely think our crewnecks are the softest, nicest, most flattering sweatshirts out there. The first time I dyed one my mom actually took it off the rack and wore it home (it’s still in her closet somewhere). I don’t know if it’s the perfect slouch, the super soft fabric, or the always-cool combo of black, white and gray, but this ice dye is at the top of my best sellers list all year round. $115,
21. TeaDrops Ultimate Tea Sampler Hands-down the best tea I’ve ever had, I could drink their Sweet Peppermint blend every day. I found this woman-owned biz through my friend Dana Gordon’s Female Founder Fridays on Instagram (see below) and am so glad I did. This sampler kit is a great gift for a friend, for an office gift exchange or even as a nice teacher gift. $19;


22. Dana Rebecca Crescent Moon and Star Chain Earring I love to mix and match my earrings so I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual pair. This single earring is fun, delicate and perfect for those who have multiple piercings. It’s a great addition to any collection. $330;
23. Supracor Honeycomb Exfoliating Mitt My best friend and I love to exchange beauty finds by mail (she lives in NYC, I live in Miami) and this was maybe the best one she’s ever introduced me to. Since she bought it for me I have probably gifted it to no less than 15 people and all of our skin is softer and better for it. $28-$38 depending on color; or
24. Catherine Rising Rose & White Sage Bundle Even your most skeptical friend will believe in this super chic sage stick that will clear the air to welcome 2022 in style. $30;
25. L&LD Super Tote Everyone who buys this bag becomes an instant believer. Made of heavy cotton canvas and dyed in a variety of options, our Super Tote works as anything from a beach bag to carryon to everyday schlepper. Trust me, you need one. $55;



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