Live & Let Dye was founded in April 2019, when a creative outlet became a newfound passion. Since then, we have grown into a full scale business and have been seen on fashion industry leaders such as Eva Chen and Rachel Blumenthal, influencers including Jenna Rennert, Amanda Hirsch and Arielle Charnas, and in national media outlets such as TimeOut, Parade and Vogue.com. All items are hand-dyed in the South Florida sunshine.



In addition to our retail collections, L&LD works with companies large and small to create personalized branding and gifting items that reflect each company's unique vision and marketing objectives. Past projects include branded tee-shirts, employee gifting and an influencer launch for a major cosmetics brand. For more information please email us at hello@letsgetdye.com or give us a call at 305.469.9292.